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Central Armed Police Forces

A United Nations Police component can consist of individual police officers (IPOs) and – where they are authorised and deployed – formed units. Both together form what is referred to as UNPOL. United Nations FPUs are defined as cohesive mobile police units, providing support to United Nations operations and ensuring the safety and security of United Nations personnel and missions, primarily in public order management. Formed Police Units are deployed under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the United Nations and the Police Contributing Country. The normal tenure for FPUs is six months and not more than one year.

CAPF Eligibility Criteria 2023 - Nationality

As per the eligibility criteria of CAPF 2023, candidates must be of Indian nationality. Apart from that, candidates with citizenship of Nepal and Bhutan are also deemed eligible to apply for the CAPF exam.

CAPF Eligibility Criteria 2023 - Education Qualifications

As per the CAPF 2023 eligibility criteria, candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree. Those candidates who have appeared in the qualifying examination and are awaiting their results can also apply for the CAPF exam however before the final selection they will have to. produce their passing certificates.

Basic Responsibility

The primary objective of FPUs is to make the best possible use of their added value, which is derived from their ability to act as a cohesive unit and their special weapons and equipment which gives them a heightened robustness compared to IPOs. FPUs have three core tasks.

  • i) Public order management: in most cases will be in support of host state police, but FPUs can also be called upon to act independently in accordance with the mission mandate. The primary focus of public order management is to facilitate the population’s exercise of their fundamental rights.
  • ii) Protection of United Nations personnel and facilities: protection of convoys, relocation or evacuation of staff and intervention where necessary for the protection of staff. FPUs may be involved in providing protection to military personnel (Military Observer team sites) or military units, particularly enabling units, which may have a limited capability to deal with the types of incidents to which FPUs might typically respond.
  • iii) Supporting police operations that require a formed response and may involve a higher risk (above the general capability of individual United Nations police): can include high-visibility patrols and joint patrols with individual United Nations police officers and/or host state police. Patrolling can be a preventive activity that builds popular confidence, but is also central to the FPUs’ need to familiarize themselves with local surroundings and gather information.

Organization/ Composition

The composition and organization of FPUs may vary due to mission-specific requirements. A Formed Police Unit will consist of a minimum operational capacity and a command and logistics elements to make up an approximate total strength of 140. The minimum overall operational capacity is approximately 120 police officers. These 120 operational personnel get divided into inter-operable tactical sub-units (platoons), numbering 3 or 4. Tactical sub-units are made up of sections, consisting of a minimum of ten (10) operational members per section. The sections make up the smallest deployment unit and cannot be broken down further. Specialized units may be added, but do not count towards the minimum operational capacity of 120. In addition to the operational capacity, the Command element includes the Commander, the Deputy Commander and sufficient capacity in information analysis, logistics, operations, communications and personnel. In order to ensure that all functions are covered at all times, the command element should have at least 12 staff members

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