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If you want a career in law and want to join a branch of the military, you may be wondering what JAG, also known as Judge Advocate General’s Corps, is. JAG, or JAG Corps, is the branch of the military that deals with military justice and law, so if you’re interested in the legal system, you may want to look into starting a military career.

If you’re just learning of JAG and are wondering what JAG, also known as the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, is or does, you have to consider everything that’s involved with military law. While many people only think of criminal law when thinking about JAG, there are many other areas of practice that military professionals are involved with.

For instance, the United States Army has 10 different branches of law that they recruit for :

  • Criminal law
  • Legal assistance
  • Civil litigation
  • Administrative law
  • Labor law
  • International law
  • Operational law
  • Teaching
  • Medical law
  • Contract law


  • Vacancies – Men : 175, Women : 20
  • Forms – Jan /Feb & Jul/Aug.
  • Age Limit – 20-27 years
  • SSB Interview – May/Jun & Oct/Nov


Best SSB Coaching in India, Uttarakhand (Dehradun).
An aspirant should think about several factors before enrolling in a defence coaching programme to prepare for the JAG (JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL) including core faculty, selection rates, student feedback, professional command and training for the SSB Interview, and, of course, the program’s pricing structure.. As a result, if you are interested in the JAG you should choose tutoring that offers comprehensive advice for the SSB Interview. The initial step in passing the JAG (JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL ) selection test is to enroll in the Top SSB Coaching in Dehradun. You will receive the necessary help and direction for the JAG (JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL) qualifying examination from the top SSB training facility. Your chances of passing the JAG test completely increase when working with experienced resources since they have a better understanding of the test’s structure, the types of questions that will be asked, and how to complete the inquiry paper within the allotted time with greater accuracy. To make your desire a reality, Mentors Defence Institute offers the Top SSB Coaching in Dehradun. We have assisted students from all around India in passing the JAG placement test. Mentors Defence institute offers the eager students the best opportunity to pass the JAG (JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL) placement test.

Why Join Mentors Defence Institutite for SSB Preparation?

At Mentors Defence Institute, we are dedicated to providing the best SSB interview preparation and guidance in Dehradun. Our goal is to help you achieve the success you deserve during the selection process. If you’re looking for quality SSB coaching in Dehradun, look no further than Mentors Defence Institute. Classroom training alone is not enough to prepare for the SSB interview, which is why we offer a comprehensive program that includes both physical and mental training. Our program is designed to prepare students for the SSB interview in just one month and is taught by experienced former SSB interviewers and defence officers.
Thorough Study Materials for a Comprehensive Approach
At Mentors Defence Institute, we provide our students with comprehensive study materials to help them adopt a more thorough and comprehensive approach to their studies. Our experienced mentors, who are former army officers and teachers, are available to offer individual counselling and attention to each student. The same atmosphere, ambiance, accommodation, food, and environment as in the military is provided to help students change their behaviour and qualify for the interview.
Comprehensive Program with Bilingual Instruction
Our SSB interview coaching in Dehradun program is completely updated, with a syllabus that covers everything students need to know. A bilingual medium of instruction (English and Hindi) is used to ensure that everyone understands the material. Regular mock tests, competitive test series, and doubt classes are also held to help students clear their questions.

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