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Aspiring for Leadership: The Commissioned Wardi Journey

In the dynamic realm of the Indian military, numerous individuals, driven by a commitment to serve, begin their journey as Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs). Facing diverse challenges, these potential officers often choose the path of PBORs (Person Below Officer Rank), a decision rooted in responsibility and familial considerations. Recognizing the valor inherent in this choice, Mentors Defence Institute is dedicated to uplifting such individuals, refining their potential, and preparing them for the demanding assessments of the Service Selection Board (SSB).

The Significance of Officer-Worthy Individuals Choosing the NCO Path:
Opting to become an NCO or JCO is a momentous decision for those possessing officer-worthy qualities. Mentors Defence Institute acknowledges the gravity of this choice, extending support to individuals who, despite attending SSBs, could not clear them. The institute places immense value on the unique challenges faced by those taking the NCO or JCO route, striving to empower them for a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Cultivating Personal Growth at Mentors Defence Institute:

Mentors Defence Institute is built on the philosophy of fostering personal growth in alignment with SSB standards. The institute commits to guiding individuals through assisted self-introspection, utilizing a well-developed infrastructure. The mentorship, crucial to this journey, is provided by experienced ex-officers from the Service Selection Board (SSB), Air Force Selection Board (AFSB), and Naval Selection Board (NSB), ensuring a comprehensive and insightful approach to shaping the personalities of aspiring officers.

Course Information

Aspiring officers can embark on their journey towards leadership through Mentors Defence Institute’s Comprehensive Written Examination (CWE) SSB course. The institute caters to both male and female candidates, offering vacancies in March/April and Sep/Oct. With an age limit set between 20 to 25 years, applicants should possess a BE/B.Tech degree in any discipline with Physics and Maths in their 12th standard.

Mode of Selection:

Mentors Defence Institute recognizes the pivotal role of success in the SSB interview for aspirants. The mode of selection for the CWE SSB course is through the SSB interview, underlining the institute’s commitment to practical preparation, ensuring candidates are well-equipped to excel in this critical assessment.

Key Details:

  • Vacancies: March/April & Sep/Oct
  • Form Availability: Male & Female
  • Age Limit: 20 to 25 years
  • Educational Qualification: BE/B.Tech degree in any discipline with Physics & Maths in 12th standard.
  • Mode of Selection: SSB Interview
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