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Decoding the difference between SSB and AFSB: All you need to know

For the selection in the Indian defence forces, there are different selection processes and interviews. Service Selection Board (SSB) conducts the interview for the candidates who want to go in the Indian army and navy whereas the Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) conducts interview for the Airforce aspirants. Both are the interview processes for different defence posts in Indian Army and Airforce but there is a huge difference in the procedure of both the interviews.

In this blog, we will mention a number of differences in the procedures of SSB and AFSB. Join, Mentors Defence Institute, the best defence institute in Dehradun for the best SSB and AFSB and defence exams preparation.

Education Requirement:

SSB: Graduates have a number of direct entry options available to them, including the NCC and JAG programs as well as the Combined Defence Services examination. Additionally, applicants to the National Defence Academy who have taken or are taking the class 12th examination are eligible.

AFSB: The candidate must be a graduate, have completed at least three years of college, and have received a grade point average of at least 60%.

Age limit

SSB: Minimum age is 16.5 yrs. (NDA) and maximum age is 24yrs (CDS).

AFSB: This falls in the bracket of 20-26 yrs.

Boards for SSB/AFSB

Selection Boards for SSB-Bangalore, Bhopal, Allahabad, Kapurthala(Punjab), Coimbatore.

Selection boards for AFSB– Gandhinagar, AFSB Mysore, AFSB Dehradun and AFSB Varanasi.


  • SSB- most of the entries ask the candidate to report one day before the process(2:30 pm) at the railway station MCO but some exceptions are there for few entries, and they call the candidates in the morning to the centre.
  • AFSB- the reporting time for the procedure is mainly in the morning (6:00 AM).

First day

SSB: The first day is screening, and the chosen candidates must complete their PIQ forms before the day is over and it is all for the candidates to do for the day.

AFSB: Screening, PIQ, and PPDT are all conducted on the first day, which is also the day for AFSB.

Screening Process: 

SSB: The screening starts on the next day of reporting.

AFSB: The screening starts the same day after the documents are verified.


  • SSB- the period is of 5 days excluding medical.
  • AFSB- the duration is of 6 days (5 +1 for CPSS) excluding medical.

Various exams for both entries:



Individual Obstacles in GTO:

Mostly, the tasks remain same for both the entries but with some slight changes, shown in the table below:

Obstacle NoSSBAFSB
1Jumping over a SlideSame as SSB
2Long JumpHigh Jump
3Zig-Zag BalanceWalking a Wooden log
4High Screen JumpJumping Platforms
5Burma BridgeSame as SSB
6Tarzan SwingClimbing the Wall
7Jumping PlatformsJumping through a Tyre
8Double Ditch Tiger Leap
9Commando WalkMonkey Crawl
10Tiger Leap Rope Climbing

Conference day:

The last day is called as the Conference Day, on which the results are declared.

SSB: The last day is reserved for Conference

AFSB: This takes place on the last day of the GTO if time permits, otherwise take place on Next day.

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