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How to Crack NDA Exam in First Attempt: Get Preparation Tips to Crack NDA 2 2024!

UPSC has released its notification for the recruitment of eligible candidates to the National Defence Academy ( NDA) through UPSC NDA Exam. Undoubtedly, it is one of the reputed services that one can have with an elaborated process of selection. Every year several aspirants aspire to qualify for this exam but only a few of them were able to do that. There are people who clear it in 2-3 attempts and there are also some who qualify it in their first attempt. So, here one can ponder over the question: How to Crack NDA Exam in First Attempt?

Preparing for UPSC NDA Exam requires focusing on the Selection process that is involved and involves a complete exam analysis in terms of the Exam Pattern and Syllabus that is followed and based on that. All these factors become important for those who want to Clear the NDA Exam in First Attempt. There are some smart tricks and tips that one can use to achieve the target in less time which is important to cover the maximum covering subjects and areas asked in the exam.

In this article, you will learn about those important tips that help you to Clear the NDA Exam in the First Attempt and also will answer the question that How to Crack the NDA Exam in the First Attempt? as the tips were created under expert guidance and based on proper analysis of the exam conducted by UPSC.

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How to Crack NDA

Cracking the NDA exam requires a lot of hard work and preparation. The NDA exam is conducted twice a year by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for admission to the three services (Army, Navy and Air Force) of the Indian Armed Forces. To crack the NDA exam, it is important to understand the exam pattern and syllabus, and also develop a strategy to prepare. Candidates should focus on their strengths and weaknesses, and create a study plan accordingly. They should practice mock tests and familiarize themselves with the exam pattern. Furthermore, they should also improve their problem-solving skills. It is important to stay motivated and focused during the preparation period. Once the exam is over, it is important to analyze the performance and identify mistakes in order to improve for future exams.

Know the UPSC NDA Selection Process

Now, if someone is curious to know that How to Crack to NDA Exam in First Attempt, the very first Tip towards that will be to become familiar with the UPSC NDA Selection Process. Because this process will provide an idea of how much one has to be dedicated to this exam.

The selection process includes two main phases:

  1. Phase 1:Written-test and
  2. Phase 2: SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview.

UPSC NDA Preparation Tips 

The UPSC NDA examination, like any other competitive exam, will require a good preparation strategy coupled with consistent efforts from the aspirants. Hence to provide you with adequate guidance we have compiled a list of basic tips you need to keep in mind in order to know how to crack the UPSC NDA exam on the first attempt.

Tip 1- Know the UPSC NDA Exam Pattern

After understanding the selection process of the NDA Exam, it is crucial to understand the subjects and topics that are included in the UPSC NDA Exam Pattern. The pattern and markings are different for both the Examination.

  1. Written Examination (900 Marks)
  2. SSB Interview (900 Marks)

Tip 2- Understand the UPSC NDA Syllabus

This tip is important as the syllabus will tell us about the precise topics that are covered in the exam in each and every particular subject. Topics are of different streams and hence it is important to understand what should be read and what should not be read. Below is a brief list of topics covered in the UPSC NDA Syllabus of each level of examination.

Tip 3- Do the UPSC NDA Exam Analysis through Previous Year Papers

Previous year’s papers are always helpful to crack an exam as it helps to get an idea about the question that can be expected and about the level of difficulty that one has to face in that. Additionally, it will help to analyze the number of questions that can be asked from a particular subject, and based on that one should devote their time for preparation. Therefore, through Previous Year Exam Papers it is important to go UPSC NDA Exam Analysis.

Tip 4 – Check the Cut-off Trends

Cut-off marks are the benchmark set by the recruiting body to filter out the most deserving candidates. Hence knowing the past cut off trends is extremely important as it helps the aspirants to understand the level of competition they are likely to face in the upcoming UPSC NDA Examination and thereby formulate their preparation strategy accordingly. The below table emphasizes the cut off trends for the past years-

Tip 5 – Prepare a Study Schedule 

A study schedule is a crucial part of any preparation strategy. Making a study schedule will help you to divide and provide time to each of the topics in the section wisely. It is advisable to make a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule and keep a target number of hours for each topic/section.

Tip 6- Time Management

Time management is an art and an extremely important skill to learn if you are appearing for a competitive exam like UPSC NDA. Not only is time management important during the preparation phase but also while writing the exam. Remember to not attempt lengthy questions at first as this might lower your confidence level. In order to complete your paper on time, time management is important and this can be learned through constant practice.

Tip 7- Know the Recommended Books to Clear UPSC NDA Exam

This is the last step that should be followed by knowing the Selection Process. Exam Pattern and Syllabus. Here we are talking about some of the UPSC NDA Books that one can refer to cover all the topics that are mentioned in the syllabus. These books will provide a collective place for the subjects that one has to go through before the exam.

Concluding Tip to Clear NDA Exam in First Attempt

After going through the major tips, we hope that now we will be able to answer the question How to Crack the NDA Exam in First Attempt? Few key points that one should always keep in mind before start preparing are:

  1. Follow current affairs from the starting as the questions may be twisted and it can be from a national or international perspective. You can refer to the newspaper for current affairs and everyday updates.
  2. NCERT textbooks are important as it covers the General Knowledge portion of the exam.
  3. UPSC NDA Previous Papers are important to do before giving exams.
  4. Prepare yourself for the Interview exam as it requires continued practice and dedication.

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