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Understand, Why you faced failure in NDA Written?


Embarking on a journey to join the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA) is a dream for many aspiring individuals. The path to NDA, however, is challenging, and the written examination is a crucial step. If you find yourself grappling with the disappointment of not making it through the NDA written exam, it’s essential to reflect on the possible reasons behind the setback.

In this blog, we’ll explore common factors that may contribute to failure and offer insights to help you navigate through this setback.

  1. Lack of Adequate Preparation:

One of the primary reasons candidates may face failure in the NDA written exam is inadequate preparation. The exam demands a comprehensive understanding of subjects like Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge. Devoting ample time to each section and adopting a structured study plan is crucial.

  1. Ineffective Time Management:

The NDA written exam has a fixed time frame for each section, and time management is key to completing the paper. If you struggled to allocate your time effectively during the exam, it could have impacted your performance. Practice time-bound mock tests regularly to enhance your speed and efficiency.

  1. Insufficient Familiarity with Exam Pattern:

Understanding the NDA exam pattern is fundamental for success. If you weren’t well-acquainted with the structure of the paper, types of questions, and marking scheme, it may have led to confusion and errors. Thoroughly go through past papers and official guidelines to grasp the exam pattern.

  1. Neglecting Physical Fitness:

While the written exam is a critical aspect, the NDA also evaluates candidates on their physical fitness. Neglecting physical training can lead to suboptimal performance in the subsequent stages of the selection process. Maintain a balance between mental and physical preparation.

  1. Overlooking Current Affairs:

NDA exams often include questions related to current affairs, both national and international. Candidates who are not updated on recent events may find themselves at a disadvantage. Regularly read newspapers, watch the news, and stay informed about current affairs to boost your performance.


Facing failure in the NDA written exam is undoubtedly disheartening, but it’s crucial to view it as a learning experience. Identifying the reasons behind the setback allows you to address and overcome them. Reassess your preparation strategy, seek guidance if needed, and approach the next attempt with renewed determination. Remember, setbacks are stepping stones to success, and with perseverance and a strategic approach, you can overcome the challenges and achieve your goal of joining the esteemed NDA.

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