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Highly required qualities in a candidate to crack the SSB interview

The SSB interview is a crucial stage for an aspiring Indian Armed Forces candidate as it determines the selection of the candidate. In order to determine the eligibility of the candidate to be perfect for the armed forces the Service Selection Board conducts an interview with the candidates, who have qualified the written exam. This interview is also known as the longest interview which goesup to 5 days. This interview majorly focuses on personality evaluation, psychological testing and other group tasks.

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Here are some of the highly required qualities in a candidate to crack the SSB interview successfully:

  1. Have a positive outlook

Your journey toward this highly professional and challenging path begins when you start your preparation with a positive attitude for such a long time from deciding to choose this path to get selected for the SSB interview.

  • Self-Confidence

Self-doubts and confusions are obvious in such a long journey but self-confidence is a must-have skill for an aspirant to defeat such roadblocks in one’s personality to conquer one’s path.

  • Determination

To lead towards such a challenging path to be eligible to defend the country needs a lot of determination and stamina. The candidate needs to develop the skill to keep this courage up from the beginning till the success.

  • Be up to date with the current events

In order to be informed about the defence structure and on-going trends in the defence sector, the candidate needs to be well informed about the current events and politics happening all over the world. For years newspaper-reading is regarded as a must have daily practice for a candidate for the comprehensive understanding of events and happening all over the world. Thanks to this digital era, the candidate can also take the help of internet and the social media sites to keep up with the current affairs.

  • Reasoning ability

Although, each candidate is required to discuss his strategy with his seniors for the next steps. However, there are certain conditions where the candidates have to take up the decision for themselves and their team. Thus, for those situations, the candidate must have good reasoning ability and can take up good decisions.

  • Liveliness

As seriousness and toughness is required to understand the situation so the liveliness and physical fitness of the candidate to fight with the atmospheric and the weather conditions after the candidate get selected. At times officers have to spend days and even weeks amid tension. At that point their liveliness and awareness help them to cope up with the problems and to overcome such situations.

  • Adaptable

Indian soldiers have to survive in the hardest conditions whether they are the hottest areas of the country or the coldest borders areas. The ability of the candidate to adapt himself according to the conditions is a highly required quality to survive in the most difficult situations.

  • Be organized and confident

Heading towards such a big interview can obviously create a sense of nervousness in many. But to handle this pressure with patience is a must have quality for a candidate. The aspirants must create the best initial impression by looking organized, smart, confident, cheerful and enthusiastic. The candidate must be polite and well-spoken, throughout the interview.

  • Do your homework well

Aspirants must be aware of the facts and figures related to the topics that can be tentative questions in the interview. Also, whatever is mentioned in your DAF, you must have in-depth knowledge about that. Avoid writing things to impress randomly. If you can’t recall any details or data precisely, you can politely tell the interviewer that you don’t know the exact answer of the question and you are keen about to know the answer and you will research that topic further to understand it deeply.

  1. Have better etiquette and posture

Aspirants must ensure that they have their basic posture and etiquette in check while attending the SSB interview. It is commendable to make yourself heard, but aspirants must not be too loud. It’s essential to show an eagerness to communicate and answer queries. Aspirants must be very attentive while the interviewer asks questions.

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